About Us

Haley Jardine, R. Ac

In my third year of university I started having digestive pain and discomfort. The pain and bloating got so bad I decided to go and see a doctor. I went to a doctor and explained that I thought something was wrong. She told me to take some tums, avoid spicy food and scheduled me for some blood work. After 5 minutes I left feeling frustrated and disheartened. Determined to figure out the root of the problem I did some research and booked an appointment with a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. She invited me into her home and we talked about my body for over an hour. She listened intently to every detail I told her. Nothing was overlooked or pushed aside. She looked at my tongue, felt my pulse and soon I was lying on her treatment table with acupuncture needles in my legs, arms and stomach. I was definitely uncomfortable and a little bit afraid but as I lay there my fear and frustration dissipated. I left the session feeling great and began to receive acupuncture twice a week. After a few weeks my digestive issues disappeared, my sleep improved and my skin cleared up. The whole experience left me feeling inspired to pursue alternative medicine so that I could help people feel as good as I did. That fall I enrolled at the International College of TCM in Vancouver to study Chinese Medicine. Four years later my dream has come true and I am able to help people feel great and live healthy and happy lives. I strongly believe the body has a natural ability to heal itself. Most of the time we get so wrapped up in life we forget to give our bodies the space and time to properly heal. That's where I come in. 

Julianne Peterson, R. Ac

On a ferry ride back from the Island I had an engaging conversation with a woman sitting next to me about all the ways we can promote healing in ourselves. It seemed we were both students of health, investigating and using tools outside of western medicine to help ourselves through life’s difficulties. When it was time to dock, she asked me what I did for a living. I told her I worked in a newspaper plant. She asked me why I was not doing something in healthcare. I had no answer.  

I never forgot that woman and three months later I knew I needed a career change. The International College of TCM advertisement kept coming up so I went to the library to find out what acupuncture was all about. I was stunned and excited to discover that my understanding of how the body and mind worked was inline with the Chinese Medicine philosophy. I signed up as a client for 3 months and I was so pleased with my results I decided to apply to become a student.    

Since receiving my Acupuncture license I have continued my studies in Acupuncture and become a Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Practitioner and an Ear Acupuncture Detox Specialist to assist people with addictions. Bio-Energy Healing is another modality that I have learned and use to help people who have needle phobia, with their health and wellness challenges. The universal understanding of healing allows for many different ways to connect and promote healing in the body. I love this medicine. It resonates with my understanding of how things are connected, and how we can use that knowledge to promote healing. It is so easy to fall out of balance with our schedules and high expectations driving us to do more with less time. Regular Acupuncture treatments, Cupping, Tui Na massage are great tools to use to get us back on track and promote healing throughout our bodies.